Monday, July 18, 2011

The Adventurous Boy's Handbook: For Ages 9 to 99

"Handier than The Dangerous Book for Boys, more dangerous than The American Boy's Handy Book. Beware! Skinned knees and mischievous deeds, fire-building and fitness-training, bird-watching and fox-tracking: All this and more are to be found in—or will result from—what's contained in this endlessly enjoyable book. Anyone who has ever wanted to recapture the simple pleasures of youth will find much here to relish—and to share with the younger generation. Boys (and girls!) will love this indispensable compendium of activities, directions, and facts, and it will help them discover that there are wonderful alternatives to today's eye-glazing world of television, the Internet, and video games. Written by a father and son team, The Adventurous Boy's Handbook features step-by-step instructions for building a treehouse, pitching a tent, and shooting a bow and arrow. Great hikes, as well as what gear is needed for walking, running, even snowboarding, are included in this essential book of ..

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