Sunday, July 8, 2012

Jesus Said Bible Storybook

The Jesus Said Bible Storybook tells children abut Jesus' teachings on life, love, and serving God. But it doesn't stop there! Children will see how Jesus' teachings were lived out by people of the Bible—even people of the Old Testament.The Jesus Said Bible Storybook brings together more than 50 familiar Old and New Testament stories. At the end of each Bible story is a section of "What Jesus Said," showing children Jesus in in all of God's Word.Recommended for ages 4–8.Tablel of Contents:The Story of CreationObeying Saves Noah The Tower of Babel The Birth of Isaac Jacob's Amazing Dream Joseph Forgives The Birth of Moses I Can't Do It ... But God Can! The Passover The Red SeaFood From HeavenTen Good RulesThe Golden CalfTwelve Spies The Walls of Jericho Fall Gideon's Little Army Samson, The Mighty Man Loyal Ruth Hannah’s Powerful Prayer Samuel Hears a Voice David Is Chosen A Small Light Shines Bright! Best Friends Forever Peacemaker Abigail A Wise DecisionBread for ElijahA New Coa..

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